What is a Barnacle Coaster?

The Barnacle Coaster is an innovative product making a big splash in the dormant coaster industry. Barnacle's patented design allows the coaster to be 'installed' onto nearly any cup leaving enough space to let condensation drip down into the coaster where it is collected and trapped. This one-of-a-kind, reusable, mobile coaster was designed to make your life just that much simpler. No more rings on your table, no more drenching your workspace, no more water drops on your clothes, no more searching for a coaster before you put your drink down, no more soppy wet napkins, NO MORE! We thought of it all so when you use a Barnacle Coaster, its all taken care of for you - don't sweat it.

Why is it called a Barnacle?

Inspired by a real-life barnacle that attaches to a whale or a clam shell, the Barnacle name is indicative of our coasters ability to attach (and stay attached) to nearly any cup until you purposely remove it. Additionally, it represents our company's mission to play our part in the significant fight to clean up our oceans. We plan to collaborate with several organizations using revolutionary strategies to improve marine life habitat by focusing their efforts on plastic removal - we have already secured a partnership with The Ocean Cleanup



The Best way to “install” it onto my cup?
We find it easiest to place your Barnacle on a flat surface and center your cup hovering over the top of the Barnacle, then simultaneously push the cup down and twist it into place until the bottom of your cup makes contact with the bottom of the Barnacle.

How do I get the water that I’ve collected to come out of the Barnacle?
Taco method! Simply fold the Barnacle in half like a taco and hold it vertically to allow the water to ‘drain’ out the bottom. Make sure you empty the contents over a sink, or some plants, or something else you don’t mind getting wet.

How often should I empty the contents of what has been collected by the Barnacle?
This will differ for everyone depending on your drinking style, how large your cup is, what the weather is like, how long it takes you to finish your drink, whether the whales are migrating North or South, among other variables. However, as a general rule of thumb, we suggest emptying the contents you’ve collected between each refill or every 60 minutes, whichever is shorter.

Barnacle dishwasher safe?
Yes. We suggest flipping the Barnacle completely inside out and placing it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Make sure to put the open side down to avoid soapy water pooling inside.

Does the Barnacle fit ALL cups? 
After extensive research, we designed the Barnacle with a one-size-fits-MOST approach. While the perfect fit is a pint glass or an iced coffee cup, it also works on MOST other beverage containers including bottles, cans, wine glasses, and more. We are currently in the R&D stages to release additional sizes at a later date.

How else can I use my Barnacle?
We've gotten feedback from many of our Barnacle Buddies on how creative they are with their Barnacles. Some of them include: water bowl for the cat, coin collection spot, something to fiddle with (like a stress ball or a spinner), and many many more. If you come up with another good use, we want to know!

Lastly, where did Barnacle get its start? Kickstarter! Check out the original video below :)


Product Features 

Food Safe Silicone :: Dishwasher Safe

One Size Fits Most :: Easy Installation

Durable Construction :: Mobile No Spill Design







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